Well, i paid € 22 for the WA721 and the most important reason was the clip.
There's no nice Vic with a clip, the one I've found is really fugly more meant to be a money clip than anything else. The idea was that my wife would clip it into her bag's inner pocket because she likes to have a folding knife with her for cutting an apple for the children or so but she doesn't like (understand) locks.

Maybe I'll get an Alox one day and put a clip on it, I think the one from my Sanrenmu 4110SUX-LY would fit qite well (and it costs as much or less as an aftermarket clip without a knife and screws).
I think a two-bladed Executive would be nice for that. Or I make a cf scale for the WA721s show side (too lazy for the complicated milling for the tweezers and the clip).

And about multitools, well, after my SRM t-01 and WA721 I know that I don't really need that and I should've known after owning a locking Vic like 10 years ago. Never really needed anything but the blade ;)