Adah, I have that Enlan EL-01, it actually is Damascus steel/steel although what quality I can't say. I have a full set of EL-01s. I have collected over the years. They are definitely improving the quality. GB has the tool for that style of pivot pin in stock, there are other alternatives though,it is a very reasonable price when compared to Jackies at XDuct.

The Carbon Fibre bolsters and ? scales look stunning alongside the Damascus/Damascene blade. Very high-end for an EL-01 :) . I have a few "spare" EL-01s, the rosewood type to experiment on when I recover -pneumonia- my total tools at the moment are a pillar drill and a Ryobi/Dremel type plus a load of cutters/sanding bobbins/drills for both. Not forgetting the stack of G10/micarta/kirinite/spalted wood/Autralian wood-amazing low prices when compared to the U.S.A. sensible post and packing as well.

Thanks for posting, you can be proud of the craftsmanship that went into that one.

Anybody get this one when they were being sold on the express? Listed as Mugnum, after I saw the quality and a friend bought one and said his was the same high quality I went back to buy a couple more but they were sold out. Rare maybe?
Boker sold a version of the EL-01 called it the A-Stan. Some really nice features, like the pivot pin having a #8 Torx head in the centre of the triangle pattern pin sold in a presentation tin along with a key with a #8 Torx for the pivot and the other end a #6 Torx for the scale screws. Enlan could have learnt a lesson from that I think.
RUI is another brand, Spanish I believe - at least that's where I bought mine, the Energy series. Can be bought in the U.K. but the cost is staggering, a bit like the postage from Spain to the U.K. -Certainly puts the pain in Spain.