Adahn, those are superb examples. I don't usually like carbon fibre but those are very good examples of how it should be done. I'm coming round to it - I like the contour line patterns achievable using uni-directional carbon fibre. The dust is another drawback when working with it I hear. As a retired joiner I know how quickly lungs can be damaged, I have a bad reaction when using Ash but it's one of my favorite woods to work with - I just have to take care and use good masks.
The more I look at that Enlan the more I like it. A very good piece of workmanship.
I recently bought some scale blanks from a vendor on AE, Teak I think and the prices were good. I have quite a few pieces of wood and several scales of Kirinite, G10 and Micarta they come up on ebay sometimes but usually the prices are more than bought from a regular supplier.
Keep up the good work.