Adahn - "If I'll do those scale they won't be finished before Oct I assume..." playing it safe eh! No mention of the year. :)

I have a looong term project, the first Enlan EL-01 that I bought, it was a part serrated model and I don't like serrations much so I have removed them.

I started this ages ago - trying for a recurve, I'll get it done eventually - just not soon, I have some scales picked out

Or maybe

I have a couple of boxes of scale materials one plastics and the other wood, I bought some samples of laminated flooring 2pcs of 150mmx300mm per pack for £1 per package, the Bamboo is great, solid, stabilized and unusual -

Some of the flooring is just a veneer over a fibreboard core but you can tell from the pics which are solid and worth buying, works out at at least three sets of scales for £1, oak and bamboo but they were selling teak and mahogany plus a few others so keep a look out on ebay for the flooring sellers. :)

There was a scale maker posted on British Blades Forum a while ago by the name of suingab came from Lithuania, the scales were absolutely stunning and worth a look at.
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Custom Scales
I have nothing to do with the seller - just some stunning work that I have seen and think warrants a looking at.