I know suingab's work already and looking at his stuff nearly makes me want to quit doing scales, it's just like, c'mon, I could never do anything like that :P

Your flooring material is looking interesting indeed but for bamboo even the cutting boards are suitable.
For cutting boards they are not that good actually because bamboo contains a lot of minerals wich dull a blade quite quickly. It doesn't have to be stabilized neither for scales but that two-color look is looking great for sure.

Right now I don't have to buy any material though, I use what I have, find or get for free.
Those scales were made for a co-worker's brother who's working at a zoo, we'll see if that'll get me some stuff to play with. First I want to finish a 4yo project, scales for a switchblade from the ~70s or so.

Intergral handle but same as the blade not stainless and the blade is pinned into the mechanism.
I'd love to get a copy in stainless steel and with a chance to disassemble it, maybe the chinese must see it first ;)