Hey folks,

This is not FT related but I need help from the balisong connoisseurs.

Here's the story.
So a couple of weeks ago, my wife had to go to the states. Since butterfly knives are not available for purchase here in Canada and I didn't want risking shipping one here and get ceased by customs, I decided to get it shipped to a family member in the US and my wife bringing it home.
The knife itself is a cheap knife so I wasn't expecting amazing quality but I just liked the look of it.
When I first opened it, I noticed that the lock had a lot of pressure as it was hard to open.
I quickly understood why when I tried to close it but couldn't. The knife had been forced to close.
There is really no point in contacting the seller as best case scenario, he would ask me to return the knife for a refund, which is not really doable nor worth it so I'm kind of stuck with it.

Here are a few pics.

As you can see, one side closes fine but the side with the lock doesn't.

I see nothing blocking the blade. I suspect that the grooves that rest against the pin are not deep enough or not aligned properly, therefore hitting the pin before the blade can be closed.

Any other ideas on what could be happening or suggestions on how to fix it (other than trying to dremel the grooves)?