Blade finish descriptions?
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#1 (permalink)      8/26/2015 12:09:28 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Blade finish descriptions?
I spent some time pondering the difference between these two models
SKU 2629200
SKU 2629400
and eventually determined that the only difference seems to be the finish texture of the blade. The first one is described as "sanding blade" and the latter one as "stonewash blade."

Would one of the honourable experts here kindly explain the difference to me? (I'm guessing it may mean polished vs. matte finish but have fallen afoul of ambiguous English enough times that I have no confidence of this being right.)
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Some pics are a bit more accurate on other sites,
this exemple + this video may well answer your question ;-)


...stone washed finish. In real life it's less shiny than the satin one.

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Check out this link.
There are a few shots of the 2 finishes side by side but yes, in a nutshell, it's polish vs matte.
The sanding one will look more like a regular knife and the stonewashed one, since matte, will be less prompt to seeing minor scratches.
I have the black one in polished finish and really like it. Very nice deployment and nice blade. For me it looks like a gentleman switchblade if there is such a thing as opposed to SKU 2052701 which has a more aggressive look due to the tanto blade (which I also own in black :) and this one is a stonewashed finish)