The Byrd is the Word
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The Byrd is the Word
Any reason we don't see any Byrd knives here? One of the better Chinese knives IMO. Maybe this has been discussed in the past. I was too lazy to look.
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Byrd is essentially a brand of Spyderco made in China. I think Navy is the one FT has (or had) that looks a lot like the Byrd lines. Enlan also has some Spyderco-ish blades.

Sal Glesser said SanRenMu did some work for Spyderco, but he never said what. Many people guess it was/is the Byrd line. As far as I am aware though SRM doesn't really make any Byrd or Spyderco looking knives (save for SKU 2132001), at least not for sale here anyway.

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