@Jenny - Knife shipping to Canada
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#11 (permalink)      10/10/2015 4:05:23 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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@Jenny - Knife shipping to Canada

I had no problems before, getting knives from fasttech. came back and wanted a new knife and noticed that we have shipping issues so i bought the knife with another site. I asked what type of shipping they are using for Canada. they are using NLpost.
Is that an option we can use?

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#12 (permalink)      10/14/2015 1:05:22 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I already mentioned the few shipping options from the other site here over a month ago

FT doesn't seem to care, so my knives business goes somewhere else.

For my vape stuff, FT has been getting all the items I care about later than the competition so a lot of my business in this department went somewhere else as well.

I'm definitely shopping here much less than before.
At this point, I think I stick around more for the forum than the products LOL!
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I still dont know why this is a problem with Fasttech, other places still use china/ hong kong and malaysian post for knifes without any problems.