vape8ion wrote:

The legit Japanese knives just cannot be beat though.

Also not cheap, but oh my gawd they're gorgeous! lol

Well, at least the handmade stuff. The factory produced stuff is still better than the majority of the western stuff too.

Yamashin hand made white #1 165mm santoku and a little ko bocho:

Goko 19C27 Damascus 240mm gyuto and a factory produced Tojiro DP 210mm gyuto:

I also have a large Goko stainless clad white #1 240mm gyuto, but I don't have a pic of mine.

This is a pic from the site where I bought it:

Looks like they sourced different handles (mine is a dark textured walnut) but the blades are still the same.

So yeah, I LOVE Japanese kitchen knives... they just aren't under $20... lol

I wish FT had some decent high value kitchen knives, but all I can find is ceramic crap. It doesn't have to be fancy Japanese or Swedish steels, I just want other choices than ceramic! One of the best value kitchen knives I've ever seen is a $30 Victorinox fibrox chef's knife. I'll still pull it out to use even with all the Japanese stuff. If FT could carry something similar I'd probably pick up a couple new kitchen knives to play with.