It started with a gurgle I hate the evil gurgle and the Lemo is brand new got in on a big sale yay (11bucks) that's with shipping and the o ring is there
Only thing I can think it maybe is there's a o ring that plugs the fill hole it's not really a o ring but more of a silicon plug seemed to hold fine that's why I didn't think noting of it
Came with a screw for fill hole maybe I'll try that the 2nd go I'll try tomorrow don't wanna mess with it I got the lemo 2 for my grandmother and never had a issues with it at all wish the 2 was on sale :(
I got my brother some 70vg 30pg 9nic for the lemo I regret not geting 5050 all else fails I could have just threw in his protank3 I gave him ugghhh any one think the protank3 can handle 70vg? I got a 1ohm coil in there he's not going to be taking it in high watts just the 2 lowest setting on the orginal kbox 8-13 watts