I can't see that looking like an offensive weapon can you? Camping it would last a couple of days unless you got sick of it sooner.
Have a look at blades and bows selection of MTech knives, they have what you want without the customs issues and for under a tenner, couple of quid postage and you are good to go, maybe not camping but good to go. You really don't want to carry that style of blade in public without a very good reason.
Try a Mora or Hultafors and there are others all under £10 if you are camping take at least one capable blade.

jackdripper - I agree, chase, catch and punish hard the little shits who go around causing alarm and fear but ffs prosecute the person not prohibit the tools.
A few of the Ganzo assisted openers and autos look very good but on a bad day you can expect a night in the barred window hotel and worse for even owning an auto. I have quite bad and very painful arthritis in my hands so an auto would be easier on my hands but safer to open and close as well.
Stupid laws made by stupid people who have no sense of what happens outside the pages of gutter press and getting vote winning laws through the houses of parliament and onto the statute books.