Best UK legal knife?
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#21 (permalink)      8/21/2017 12:55:17 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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RussG wrote:

8steve88 wrote:
RussG, it scares me as well, my knives are never sold, once I get them I keep them. I worry that if knives are outlawed completely then forks will quickly follow leaving us with only spoons to eat with. I fully appreciate that I live a cosseted life living within the M25 in the UK,all my food comes from my local Quik e Marts, I don't need to kill anything myself. No wild animals here in my woods. Knives will never and should never be outlawed,peeps in other climes need knives to survive. I know that.
Dickheads buy knifes simply cos it's easier than buying a gun.
I think collectors of weapons are seen by most earthlings as weirdos, wishing for a return to past times when the sword ruled. A 300yr old Samuri sword or an SS dagger has historical value and should be preserved, knives on FT, collectable?

I collect Chinese made folding knives usually under £20 - Ganzo, SanRenMu, Enlan etc. but also other brands, to me there are loads of collectable knives on FastTech. The last year or more I've been "collecting" UK legal EDC-able knives. If you like the more traditional styles then the Rough Rider brand is a good way to collect traditional styles without breaking the bank. Not saying you don't have a valid point but people do collect Case, Buck etc. in the old styles i.e. peanut, stockman, trapper, canoe and so on. All these are available on a budget, made in China and superb quality for the price. A niche area for collecting but it is as valid as collecting anything else.
I do see your point about a knife not being needed to survive in the present time but they are damned handy if you need to cut something, undoing parcels and packaging for example.

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+1 details
I always carry a knife when I'm working, invaluable really.

8steve88 , fancy doing a brief list of your favourite legal and/ or otherwise knives you've bought here?

For instance recently I bought one of these; SKU 8063800 it's very well made and nicely finished but 'assisted' so not really something I should be wandering round in public with...

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I carry this SKU 7005800 as my EDC. Guess it's illegal in the UK, but it looks very nice and in no way intimidating.
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8steve88 wrote:

Sorry but I can't get the link to work, I'm limited to my phone for the moment so it's probably my fault.
If you could copy/paste the page URL then I'd be interested in seeing your choice.
You'd have to be really unlucky to get a bad one if it's a SanRenMu 😎

I might be stating the obvious to you, but for future reference if you copy the SKU number only, (omit 'SKU', the number only), and paste into FT's search bar, the item will show up. Just saying. ;-)

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#25 (permalink)      12/15/2017 10:04:38 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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I was about to start this same thread as I'm in the UK and looking for a street legal knife, therefore non-locking and the blade has to be under 3" (about 76mm).

Got something from FT before which is really good, but now I'm looking for something that looks more 'classy', black and brushed steel or similar.

I love SKU 2629200 but it's just too long.

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#26 (permalink)      12/16/2017 4:15:32 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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SKU 2629200 is not only too long but it's an automatic locking knife.

Bobbies will go crazy over that.

I guess I'd get this (or the smaller variants) non-locking folder.

SKU 1135901

It's looking unique compared to the many Victorinox styled slipjoints, but sadly I can't find the tiny A80 anywhere.

...or what about the Cold Steel Lucky One?
Black classy carbon fiber, what's not to like?

I'd carry this if I had to see the island again

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