bdpf79 wrote:

All their knives here are frame locks.
In some of the pics, you don't see the lock because the pics are taken from AliEx.
A lot of sellers there photoshop the locks or else their listings gets removed, some kind of BS rule of the site.
All the models I own can easily be opened/closed one hand.
As for operating with gloves, that would depend on the size of the knife and the size of your hand, it being harder on the smaller knives with large hands.
I prefer larger knives so the 3 that I own, I can use them with gloves no problem.

Thank You. Very helpful answer. My folders currently consist of a Ken Onion custom, the obligatory Benchmade Contego, a old Cold Steel Carbon V Gunsite Tanto and a highly modded Spyderco Mk1 Police.

Sluggy wrote:

If you like Mora try a Hultafors HD, The Mora on steroids. Sorry if this is hijacking bdpf79, I have looked at the CH knives but have not pulled the trigger yet on one. My users are the inexpensive knives like the Mora but the pricier toys are for admiring and 'flick therapy'. FT can be a dangerous place for those with a bad pointy thing addiction!

I love Moras! huge bang for buck. Even the hideous plastic sheaths become useful if you put a ball chain through the drain hole at the bottom of them..

I wish there were more high carbon blades, and less stainless being offered. I'm not worried about rust, and the ability to hold an edge without needing diamonds to re sharpen like the super steels require endears them to me. I know a chef who is always on the hunt for high carbon blades too.