I’m kind of interested in those new CH3002 G10’s they’ve just introduced, kind of classic shape and nice price for an old miser like me.

SKU 9639740 (yes, the orange one, I’m Dutch)

I’ve actually got 2 things I’m kind of on the rope about, first: how thick are those stock’s? It looks pretty massive like 4mm or so and with only 25mm bladeheight I’d kind of wonder if these will still cut nicely as I fear the wedge needs to be pretty acute. Anyone already knows if this fear is needed?

Second thing is more superficial, I really hate the Chinese lettering on these blades: not because I’m snobby about having a Chinese blade or so but mostly because I don’t know what it means so anybody knows?

Last question, it doesn't say "original" in the title, can I trust they are?