Andyk wrote:

There's a dog in our locality. The owner is a fucking douchebag. Leaves him on streets at night. And this fucker howls on the street whole night long. We can't freagin sleep with this dickhead howling. I'm sick and tired of the way he howls. Have given him food, tried to shoo him away and tried everything. Even kept a few marble pieces to serve him right in his head. But I suck at aiming it right, he's way too lucky. Have tried a few times to run over him with my car but everything has miserably failed. The only thing left is either I get a gun (which I don't wish to use on him) or get something like a slingshot and let him have a little pain. Probably after getting hit a few times, he would understand that he is not welcome. What else can ya do to get rid off such a fucker :/

Thanks for the suggestion, that slingshot looks cool. A few questions though.

1. Do more strings/elastics (2, 3, 4) mean more strength? Will the shots do more damage with more strings?
2. What's the best material to use? Steel balls? Glass marbles? Hell I wouldn't mind using paintballs if they do some damage and I can even see what part of the fucker I hit :D

Holy good would actually think of using a slingshot on a dog? That would make you the lowest form of shitbag on the face of the earth. In my book anyone who is cruel to animals is right about level with paedophiles....fucking scum.
What if you fuck up a shot and blind the dog?
If you're any kind of man at all the only course of action is to go round and batter the living fuck out of the owner on his own doorstep. Not hurt the animal that is only doing what animals do when the owner doesn't look after it.
Fucking hell..I can't believe an adult would even think of using a slingshot on a dog,never mind trying to run it over! Fucking disgusting......Sorry for being direct man but I have to tell it like I see it.