There are no bad dogs. Just douche bag people around them. I'm an avid hunter, have been all my life and I've never killed anything I didn't fully use, Yes fed dogs deer, rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, quail and other animal intestine and other internal parts, but the point being is, that I try to use everything of the animal I can and I for one will not kill any animal unless I intent to eat it or if it is diseased or I can see no other way for it to have a full life from an injury.

I too have ridden motorcycles for most of my life and yes, At one time I invested in what we call here a wrist rocket. This purchase was because I was fed up with darn near getting killed by idiot drivers almost on a daily basis. My decision to buy the slingshot in my perspective, was completely warranted. If a driver knew I was there but decided to be a p rick! He got a steel ball launched into the side of his car and then I'd pull over to the shoulder to see if he wanted to go to the next level.

The dog, as has been said is doing nothing but being a dog. It's the douche bag you should be sending launched steel balls toward. Well okay, not directly at him/her, but I'd send a letter to em explaining the problem and ask for them to remedy it or get the dog catcher out after the dog. The next step is holes in some property.

So while I understand your frustration. There are plenty of ways and things to do to where you don't have to injure the dog for being what it was born to be. Like my wrist rocket, it became the last resort for me to go as far as I did. I was limited to what I could do. I'd tried getting tag numbers and turning em in and the cops did nothing. In other words I'd felt like my only choices were to stop riding my bike (at the time it was my only means for transportation to get to and from work) or go ahead and just run out in front of one of those idiots and kill myself, because in my mind, it was going to happen anyway and if it did at least I could make sure that idiot would have a long time hole left in there car to always remind them of me. I too hoped that if I had a choice, I'd make sure I landed on the car and bleed to death all over it.

Point to all this rant, is before you kill or hurt someone or thing, try all other avenues first. Doesn't seem by the posts you've made here that you don't think the owner cares, But find out for sure, before you slap holes into his property and if or when you do it, make sure they don't know for sure it is you doing it. Well unless you're like me and want a confrontation like I did when I'd pull to the shoulder waving them to come on over, so we could get down and dirty. Didn't ever matter to me which of us got are arse whipped. If I did, they'd know they'd been in something very bad either way but got to live. Of course they could have jumped out with a gun and shot me too. But at the time, I didn't care. I'd gotten that frustrated. Don't let this get that bad. It's just a dog doing a dogs thang.