Buddy, if I were to kill him, I would have done that long ago. I too understand it is that mofo's (douchebag's) fault and the dog is doing what it is supposed to do. All I want is the damn thing to move away from my house. And funny enough, the two nights I spent throwing stones at him, fucker hasn't lurked around my house. I'm sort of depressed that I spent money and waited so eagerly for the slingshot but now feeling that it was not needed if the stones could do the trick. This is not the first time I have tried stones on him, have tried those earlier too. But looks like this time I hit some nerve, the thing has not showed up here. Or may be, it understood telepathically that shit gonna happen if he approached my door again. Whatever, I don't wish to kill him, I don't wish to kill anyone. Just want to scare the howler away.