Ordering folders into Canada - CBSA starting to confiscate
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What a joke reading the decision by the tribunal, seems like they are stretching the terminology, but until someone feels like throwing money at it and actually fighting we're hooped. It's ridiculous that if someone properly adjusts the pivot pin to comply with the CBSA they can just tweak the adjustment until it's loose and deem it prohibited.

I'm not willing to not declare goods at the border, don't feel like opening that can of worms. Am I correct in my assumption that if one removed the pivot pin they would be complying with the CBSA? You can't flip open a knife if the pivot pin is mailed across in a $.50 envelope, and if they find an extra pivot pin laying around its definitely not OEM which would likely just be a headache for them... Just trying to get another perspective...
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I think the decision is fatally flawed. A knife will only remain closed more firmly if centrifugal force is applied.

However, apply centripetal force.....
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