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Confused_buyer wrote:
Has anyone here had problems walking across the line with folders after tightening the pivot pin? Ordered in a few to a PO Box in the states, and am debating disassembling a recent order before crossing back into Canada but I feel that it would raise suspicion in the off chance that I get called in...

This is an excellent solution. I've heard of this working well.

Those are actually not too bad. I was looking at this one that was a sorta microtech clone on here for about $40 but it seems to have been removed from the site. I had it in my wish list and it's gone now. After a search I still can't find it. It was all black, double edged, and OTF dual action. I guess it's gone. I was temped a lot but $40 is a lot for me these days to risk losing. I don't even play the lottery incase of losing money I could have used for things like milk or snacks for my kids. Even when I'm doing well I'm too afraid to lose money. But I'm in no way afraid to spend it. I just don't like the idea of not getting anything for my money