Couldn't watch even one of his vids. I lasted 6-7 minutes. Some knife made by some one in China, might be a clone of a clone... can't remember where he got it....

Waste of time. I shut him off when he started saying that a tested blade may or may not been from a recognized maker.

If I was a maker mentioned in his vid, he better be able to show that the deficient blade was actually one of mine, or there would be litigation.

No need for exotic equipment, a Rockwell tester will usually tell whether a blade is in spec for a particular steel. Knowing which steel it isn't, is more important than knowing which steel it is. If they lie about the steel, what else do you need to know?

That guy is like the Alex Jones of knives in my opinion.

Dishonest makers, and vendors who misrepresent their products need their feet held to the fire, otherwise it will never improve. There was a time that Japanese steel was similarly suspect. They learned the need for honesty, so can China.