Walker65 wrote:

I bought what I thought was a nifty little "Kershaw" penknife from 40 thieves. Side opening, no lock mentioned, legal blade length. Got a visit from 2 police officers, turned out to be a flick knife. Got a caution. No more knives for me.

It's luck of the draw... I ordered a ganzo flick knife about a year and a half ago, fully expecting it to be ceased at Langley. Came straight through with no problems! I had thought at best it would pass Langley and be picked up coming into N.Ireland but it sailed through. The cops here have been very busy here lately... they've caught at least three young teens over the last couple of years,who have ordered firearms off the dark web!😱 One kid had a parcel delivered to a pick up point at a local shopping centre containing six Glock handguns! Crazy! 😂 The police just waited for him to roll up and collect it. Bloody kids,eh? 😆