Maybe you should just start by searching "Damascus steel" online, so you'll better understand what Damascus steel actually is, instead of this "catch-all" term that gets thrown around a begin with, "True" Damascus pattern isn't Geometric style lines, it's a more freeform, 2-tone "wavy" pattern.

Not trying to burst your bubble, just want to give you a better idea of what real Damascus is. The original is lost to the ages, but more modern techniques still exist. Yes, you may have layered steel, instead of lasered steel, as it is often done in a "quick" manner by welding different steels on top of each other, and then grinding them smooth...the result is a much cheaper version of "Damascus Style" steel.

I have quite a few pieces myself - and I can't afford the original, "Japanese craftsman" Damascus steel's honestly just out of my financial means, lol.

You've got a nice looking knife, that's the main thing... with that geometric, perfectly repeated pattern, you've most likely got lasered steel, as real damascus cannot be geometric, as much as "free form" wavy lines, with two or more different colored steels.

I';m not an expert on the matter, however. But I do know quite a bit about the subject, as I wanted to be informed when I made my purchases...and you know, I'm perfectly happy with nicely done laser etching, it really looks great, and is almost not discernible from "welded style" Damascus.