Dude, there's no attitude!(except your "I'm lost" comment). Where are you coming from with that? Because I take the time to try to educate you further on something, I have an attitude? Lol, you must be "drankin and smokin'"...it could be a nice discussion, if you let it!

Good to see you looked it up. Wootz steel is long gone, as I mentioned, but two techniques exist that approximate how it would have been done, Cast and Welded. AND, true "Damascus" style is wavy, two tone lines, not repeating geometric lines...there's nothing "natural" about geometric patterns.

And I said before, wasn't trying to burst your bubble on a new purchase. It looks nice, which is the main thing. One thing is most likely certain: When you pay for a craftsman made "Damascus style" knife, you will probably value it and care for it very much - they're beautiful to look at.