Thoughts and opinions welcome. Just not a broken record of history. I was already half prepared for the umpteenth history lesson, why I said "Damascus style" in the OP

What I was looking for is comments on the specific blade I pictured, and\or comments on what "style" or patterns or even composition of material do you guys prefer. I honestly give 2 rats ass on how "super cool" it looks for the most part, the "magical" edge retention from layered material is what intrigues me. Function comes before form. The repetitive geometric wave is definitely not a good looker anyways.

At this point, it's a mystery what quality the blade actually is. Or even material.... taking it apart this morning before work, to check fully what's hiding under the handle portion. The "shiney" scales are actually turning green, so I'm thinking those layers aren't steel at all and maybe zinc. I sent the seller a message and asked questions about it... Well see if I even get a response.

I can say for sure its not a cheap laser job. And even if it's cheap ass material, as long as it holds an edge well then I have no complaints.