vape8ion wrote:

Japanese craftsmen do not "replicate" Damascus. Tamahagane is not Damascus. It may look like it and the process may be similar, but it is not a "replication" which the term implies that Japanese craftsmen gleaned technique from Middle East craftsmen. I am talking "old-world" history. In today's nomenclature, all these terms are being homogenized, and we are losing definition. Soon, historical fact will vanish into the convenient vernacular of the day. Would you call a Ford a Dodge simply because they are both automobiles?

Perhaps this discussion may need to be in a new thread? Or, with Skeeeets permission, we may continue with a discussion of steel? I don't know....steel is the backbone of civilization IMO, and worthy of discussion.

Well, you are being a little TOO anal about it now...I refer to basic, society-accepted attempts at replicating the Damascus PROCESS and LOOK...that's all. There is cast, weld, and laser etching...all of these give a good look!

What you are looking for, is the History Channel. I'm just looking for good-looking, fancy gadgets!

I did learn something, so thanks...question is, why was this thread started if OP didnt really want to read any answers?