TY4LOL wrote:

how ever you travel to the tip, stop sooner

SKU 9663028

can sharpen, reverse or replace tip/edge

These are great. No sense dulling your knife on opening packages and breaking down boxes when you can get something like this. I have that one (different brand) and the Gerber EAB.

Moldy wrote:

I use the Lansky Deluxe Diamond Sharpening System and a leather strop. The jig helps prevent mistakes such as rounding off the point. You can often find them on sale and they work well; mine has been going strong for almost a decade. It's not the most high end sharpening system out there but it achieves a near perfect mirror finish on the edge.

Same here, it works quite well. Finish it off on a leather strop paddle with green honing compound to knock the burr off.