Troepfler wrote:

This is normal and not a big big problem.
Compare please to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia...
It just needs time.

I cannot say nothing good about those countries.
After the Commie Party was out from the politics corruption took place,
now is only a matter of money and you still don't get your human rights,
unless you have money, a lot of money.

I did lived in Romania for many years, I don't like China,
maybe because I have tested the Commie medicine too much.
I like to be free, not to wait on 24 hours to buy eggs, or waiting in line
48 hours to buy a goddamn gas bottle, so my mother can cook something for us,
or when the electricity was on only for 4 hours per day.

Ceausescu time was not funny, If I will tell you my life then you will say that I am on drugs or smth.

Du hast ein gutes Beispiel in Deutschland, wie es war, als Deutschland in zwei Teile geteilt wurde.