carrion4worm wrote:

How's that flu vaccine working for everybody? Is flu "erased"?

It's one thing to be positive, it's another to be realistic. What's your end game? Will Corona be eradicated by Rambo Joe and never raise its head again? Well shit, let's put him on cancer, too.and sickle cell.and warts...

Seriously? How could you not know the difference between influenza and SARSCov2 as of November 2020? Or how vaccines work.

yoshy262 wrote:

Don't forget the vaccines produced in UK, for measles, they used human fetuses ADN/DNA, after that they got a lot of kids with autism.

Actually that's a really old claim that hasn't been substantiated, only rebuked. There's no fetal DNA in vaccines. On basic level it doesn't make any sense; that DNA would cause your immune system to react? That's essentially being allergic to yourself.