vape8ion wrote:

I don't think George Carlin should be used in the same sentence with any other "stand-up" in history. Except perhaps Lenny Bruce. And even then it is a stretch. To be a truly great "comedian", imo, one must make you look at yourself and ask, "Why am I laughing at that because, after all, it is a tragedy".

Bill Hicks was brilliant at that as well.

Also, in fairness, Freek De Jonge is easily in the same league as Carlin. He is the reason why I feel sorry for people who don't speak Dutch. The dude's brilliant, basically invented a form of stand-up that I haven't seen anyone do before him: most of his past shows were two hour long fictional stories that takes you on a journey that's always also a commentary on the tragic state of the world, whilst being crazily funny, thought-provoking, and each show it felt like I actually learnt stuff. He's approaching 80 years old now, still performs. Not the same quality anymore, but still each time a wonderful 2 hours watching it.