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70% of Poison Control calls in Mississippi are for taking Ivermectin, a horse de-wormer. Farmers can't find their livestock treatment at the Feed Store, due to anti-vaxxers buying it all up! I bring this up due to a 22 year old man going into "seizures", "vomiting", and "paleness/weakness" after taking an undetermined amount here in Virginia where I live. the fact is, the Wormer should not make him feel that way, but guess what? Some people have different reactions to different thing Ivermectin DOES NOT do is cure Covid. It has no effect that can be verified. There is only one drug, the vaccine, SO, IF you refuse the vaccine, please don't take any crackpot cures. FACT: there has been only 1 study done on it's uses, and it was withdrawn a few weeks back, due to "falsified numbers" and a "plagiarized" opening statement, once some real doctors took a look....FACT: The maker of Ivermectin released an official statement saying the above, plus pleading with folk not to use a wormer on a virus.I know this seems ridiculous, but this has, along with other tripe, been spread far too much on this site. 99.99% of PRACTICING doctors recommend the vaccine as the only treatment currently, sorry to all the conspiracy folk...

Funny, tripe, one study, misinformation... you have clarified one fact! You're a complete idiot.

CDC confesses: Vaccines are failing, the vaxxed can be super-spreaders, demands return to mask mandates for everyone, including the vaxxed
August 2nd, 2021
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CDC’ director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, in March , publicly promised vaccinated people could not spread the virus and infect others, this week she publicly stated vaccines are failing, and vaccinated people may carry higher viral loads than unvaccinated people Delta variant makes it easier for vaccinated people to transmit the virus.,CDC just admitted the entire promise vaccinated people were immune to covid and couldn’t spread it to others just unraveled. CDC director Walensky also admitted that covid is “just a few mutations away” from rendering all existing vaccines completely obsolete..Vaccine-induced “immunity” is documented to start fading after six weeks