Hate to be that guy, but the checklist is a little/lot wrong, in some pretty obvious places. The sentiment is there, though, as I know it really eats at you that another country doesn't fit your perfect criteria...it doesn't fit mine either, but exaggeration/outright lies aren't the way to solidify it.

EDIT: I thought maybe the checks and x's were reversed, but that's pretty wrong as well. 5/10 - needs a lot of work, or a different title, like "Progressives wishlist", not necessarily "promises made by Biden that haven't been kept in less than 1 year." Couldn't even add "STOP WAR" to the list, which is a HUGE STEP towards possibly ending our involvement( I know you will bring up drone strikes, so I added that bit)

I think he's miquetoast, and a bit wishy-washy, but damn, give the man his four years..,.I'll be happy I'm not paying for internal investigations and impeachments/court cases non-stop, personally.

When AOC gets more experience, maybe she will run, but she would lose now. Hell, my state just went red, and I can't do shit about it - "will of the people" and all, ya know?