Yeah, Air, I said that earlier. then watched Manchin dance around Mika's questions on MSNBC....but, he said he was good at 1.75...then what does the progressive caucus do? Try to move the goalposts and add back in things previously negotiated's fucking sickening, but again, being realistic, not idealistic is how I get by, lol. We wILL get something, our Virginia election going RED put the fear of God in their eyes, it seems.

Which is why I voted for Youngkin. But, I live here, and travel daily throughout the Commonwealth...I could see the signs along the roadside all over, so I could see which way the wind was blowing. I felt at the time this was the beast way to send a message to the DEMS - I hope it works, but I feel like a traitor now, and hearing him say he'd vote again for America's second-worst president in 2024, AND the whole "CRT" thing is so silly...making schools a battleground for something that doesn't exist.

But they better wake up, because most of America will not.