LOL, it did ruin his chances, saying that....but I do know what he meant at the time, that teachers are best qualified to make their own was taken by the right ,made a battle-cry, and they ran it right into the end-zone!

I've got subcontractors on my job right now that scream about all this CRT B.S, thinking it means that the US Civil War WASN'T about slavery, and how confirmed traitors to the US are heroes...stuff like that....They probably think we gave the Natives a fair deal too, I guess....they don't want their children knowing the truth, it seems.(at least, that's how it appears)

THAT'S what many of these nuts believe, and want taught in schools. It's insane how ignorant conservatives can be. When confronted with actual truth, they don't want to hear it. It really has gotten almost to Cult-like status.