BillBrasky wrote:

Arguing little peons on the internet where you belong and where you'll stay. I long for the day when the grid goes down for years.

LOL it would be a wakeup call for a lot of folks. It was here in TX when we had our winter storm. The machismo tough guy survivalists who are always fantasizing about civil war didn't do so well and were crying before long over losing their amenities.

All the guns, ammo, and cool tactical looking flick knives they fetish over didn't do them much good without bothering to worry about food and water.

At least I had the sense enough to load up on canned food, water and chemical hand warmers. Actually kind of enjoyed that week with no power. Solar charged lamps, hand crank weather radio, pump shotty and loaded 357 revolver just in case, some good novels and a bottle of scotch was all I needed.

edit: Still thinking about getting a couple of Baofeng transceivers though. Using them could get me into trouble with the FCC, but, in an emergency situation all those restrictions are waived anyway so NBD.

edit 2: In short, if/when the grid collapses for any extended period, I'll spend the little time I have before I die as a ham radio troll. Looking forward to it!