"Sorry, bud. Just get another hobby that really interests you. Good luck!"

Bro, what are you talking about I jerk off to every new pod system I see, you don't?

How am I the keyboard warrior again? Oh that's right not backing down to you. I got it, so if I back down I am this, if I don't I am that. What a great comment I have no place to go, I am cornered, lol.

Are you seriously going to just sit here and say the same things? I mean you threw jabs I thought you had something new and nope same shit. Did you ride the little buss to your slow learning disability classes? Come on, come at me with anything decent for a change none of this shit effects me in the least.

"Stop thinking you occupy my mind, like I do yours."

I don't think about you much, is that bad? Sometimes I laugh to myself about the things I have said to you. I mean your an asshole to people for no reason, that is how this all started. Last time I started to feel bad for you a little, but then there you were like oh beat me more beat me more! So I continued to shit on you, I thought it was what you wanted.

Let go of my pocket and go bounce your ass on Jav's lap, your not entertaining enough with your words.