I have mates that I've had the pleasure of knowing for 30/40/55 years
People I would absolutely trust my life too, and they trust me in the same manner
I've had some very "heated" arguments with most of them at some point or another
on wide and varied subjects, we've never come to threats or blows (violence) over it

the reason we are all still very close is in the thread title,
trust and respect is a two way behaviour, show some = receive some

The major difference between here and reality is, real life includes taking resonsibility for your actions

I'm not of the internet generation, I come from the 50's, I accidentally hit the wrong button here whilst ordering and landed on the forum in 2016,the first one I had encountered at that point and still only one of three I inhabit now

I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting three (multinational) members of this community, in person, all of whom I admire for meeting me in the first instance but I also trust and respect their opinions
There are other members of this forum whom I trust because of their knowledge of the subject matter being discussed at the time,but I could not respect because of their outlandish trolling behavior in other threads on here

And by the same token, there are members I respect because of their opinion on the subject matter being discussed at the time, but I would struggle to put any trust toward them because they regularly abuse it

I'm in my 7th decade on this planet, I've seen and done things that can never be repeated, because laws change as does social acceptance,ie:- what was acceptable in the 60's/70's (racism, homophobia etc) is shunned and unacceptable in today's society and rightly so.

If we all want the same thing, a trusted, factual, respected community forum for all members

then it's only us (The members) that will effect that

but that's just one mans opinion

your thoughts?