philipvdb wrote:

I have been thinking about dog breeding. I think I can still support the stress of my present job for a couple of years but I will not die behind my desk. Can you give me an idea of the starting capital needed to start dog breeding? And honestly, i think you are a lucky guy, doing what you do. I hope your business flourishes.

Thank you. I started with about $1500 and got very lucky Because I got premium bloodlines from folks who were more into use and home than money. I think the first step is in determining breed, which will also give you a picture of initial costs for your stock. Another consideration is housing. If outdoor, will you need a kennel? Dog food can be expensive, especially if you have a breed that requires specialized food, as in giant breeds like mine. Be sure to do the research on those requirements.

I did not start out to breed. My initial stock were two female Great Pyrs and a Maremma male to guard the goats. There was community interest in pups from them, so...that led to breeding. I now have my goat herd covered with almost a dozen dogs. I do not break even on a litter, as I have continued in the spirit of placing my pups appropriately, i.e. livestock homes, rather than the money. Also, my feed bill is unusually high and when there are pups it goes even higher.