Thank you for your reply Annie but that is far from good enough. I made both those orders on September 25th, they weren't shipped until October 13th and have now been 45 days in transit. Your excuse about needing 15 - 30 days doesn't really apply when it's already 45 days and they're not even in UK yet. All your customer service does is tell lies and play the famous FastTech stalling tactics. The tracking has not updated in 18 days now, so please do start an investigation with China post. I notice you don't mention the 4 parcels that were sent at the same time and were delivered weeks ago, those were sent through Zhengzhou too. It's strange too that both these parcels seem to have disappeared after failing security check 3 times, and if indeed the parcels are stuck somewhere, they are stuck in China. Until I see proof that they left for UK, I don't accept they are in UK. This story has been done many times. I'll expect to hear the results of the postal investigation soon, thank you