carrion4worm wrote:

As far as DJ goes, he can't help himself. He needs love.

I love you, my little sweet pea!

Oh. I think I get it. Like Meatloaf? I-would-do-anything-for-love-but-I-wont-vape-that...

Or are you thinking more like The Proclaimers? Oh I would troll 500 threads, and I'd report 500 more, just to kill those threads so AnniePan won't ignore me like Jenny did before...

Well, I hear those sweet little Li Chi's cannot resist a man in a mascot outfit with pom-poms.. And who doesn't find Pomeranians adorable? Now that, would influence people!

Wow. According to Godaddy, is available. High level domain, and it has a nice ring to it too. Now, to round out the ensemble, maybe with some body art. Nothing too fancy, maybe just a tasteful and understated FTF FFT in a Gothic font on his neck.

It probably would endear him to the Fasttech glitterati more than telling their already irritated customers to learn a new language or GTFOH. Perhaps FT is the only online store for him, but at some point I'll tire of trying to buy stuff here, if they are going to slap 20% additional shipping fees on a free shipping item.

I'm not any sort of marketing genius, but I think that most businesses require customers to remain in the game, and I'm a little skeptical of his whole learn a new language business model swamping the servers here with orders.

But maybe I'm being hasty. It is an original concept, that much is indisputable. After all, I never ever thought McDonalds would have the balls to bring back McRib. I sure called that one wrong.