fluffle wrote:

it’s not in local post office

Of course it isn't. Somehow, magically, FastTech has managed to seemingly never get any of the products that we all paid good money for to be able to leave their country and arrive in any of ours without taking 3 months or more for so many people. Isn't it interesting how people here keep reporting that a lot of other companies manage to ship out products with no, or very little, delays? I think I will be talking to PayPal next week if my package does not start moving on the tracking pages because I don't like seeing how no one's products from FT ever leave China but everyone else ordered from other companies and already received their products that they ordered weeks after we all did.

That’s why I am giving them til Wednesday and if it isn’t in the UK by then I will claim my refund through PayPal, I am not waiting for an investigation, or any other delay tactic that they want to try and swindle me with, if they cant get it to you in 8 weeks I am pretty sure they won’t get my order to me in the next 2 weeks.

The only way I will accept a replacement sent out from FastTech is if on Wednesday they can send a replacement through a high priority guaranteed 7 day delivery, which I highly doubt they will do, as a replacement will probably mean another 3 months wait and the same situation in 3 months time