I know exactly what has happened FastTech has seen coronavirus as an opportunity to cash in.

They have knowingly scrimped on shipping fee’s and are using coronavirus as a piss poor excuse, all to save themselves a few $$ on every order (which equals millions of $$ saved with the number of orders they get), even if they get a small percentage of cancellations.

That is the only explanation as to why orders from other companies are delayed but once they leave overseas are in your country in a week or two.

My orders both shipped on 05/05/20 should have been with me by the end of May at the latest (well if the orders would have been through AliExpress that would have been the case). But here I am like a fool still waiting 59 days later hoping that it actually arrived which I very much doubt at this point.

So for any customer who has had their package leave overseas more than 2 weeks ago my advice is to start a dispute now with PayPal.

It’s not their customs causing the delay, it’s not your local post office, it’s not your countries customs, it’s because it hasn’t left overseas as they have sent your order low priority to save themselves a few $$.

The postal company will send your order when they feel like it or when there is room after all the AliExpress and other competitors orders have been loaded onto the plane, which could literally be 12 months down the line.