etcetera wrote:

hahahaha I'm still waiting for three orders from March that I ordered from AE! Some of you are just absent minded! There is a pandemic! Fewer flights! Parcels spending more time stationary, in storage, between movement! The seller put the goods they purchased in the packaging they purchased by the employees they pay the salaries of and paid the shipping (and talk about scrimping exactly what are you doing?) and once released to that shipper it is out of the sellers control.

Well my experience has been far different to yours from AE I am waiting a max of 6 weeks and have received over 5 packages within that time frame already, some through China Post, most through Singapore Post.

These have varied in dates from February to as recently as June, all received and in my hands... Oh and all free shipping too.

So I’m not sure what’s happened with FastTech but judging by the constant flood of posts on here of people having delays from as far back as November does seem to correlate to FastTech trying to save some $$ and using the pandemic as an excuse for the delays....

I can’t see Singapore post and China post looking at a package and saying:

‘oh this is from FastTech just shove it on the pile of FastTech orders because FastTech orders aren’t important’

Next package

‘Oh this is AliExpress, tell you what get this on a plane now’

There is a reason why FastTech are suffering delays constantly and the reason must be low priority shipping options being paid for.

Yes some AE orders will take a long time (I have had it myself), but unlike FastTech every order from AliExpress will be from different suppliers (all of which will select their own methods of shipping) luckily most of the sellers on their have realised delays and obviously paying more for shipping to keep customers happy.

And as for accusing customers of trying to rip off FastTech, if that was the case I would have complained 5 weeks ago not 10 weeks down the line.