rosemm wrote:

Let me give you a real example so that you can maybe understand my point. I asked a friend to buy a lot of stuff for me in the States, send it by ship and it arrived after 5 months before a ft order i made about the same time.

I don't doubt that. Shipping is one of the most unreliable, unpredictable factors there is when ordering. My orders come at wildly different dates. Some things might take less than 20 days but there is nothing consistent or even about the way they arrive. It is just the way it is. I can order the same thing from the same seller on the same day and the seller ship separately on the same day and the items might arrive 2 weeks apart. It's just that many things sit in storage along the way and things slip out of place and just... there are incredibly so many factors involved it's just unreal.

It's why it's important to not be in a hurry for anything. You can't be in a hurry and expect things to be quick. If they happen quickly that's a bonus, a blessing, but all too often... they don't!

But those hiccups are not exclusive to FT, that I know for a fact and by experience. Shit happens.