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inatrance1973 wrote:
Annie and one of the other customer service agents told me...
Just because it happened to you doesn't mean everyone with a possible issue is the same...

You are correct. I cannot fault your logic. There are not enough data points to determine what is causing the problem. I don't believe that anybody is suggesting that Fasttech is the root cause of the problem. And even if they somehow were, that it was a deliberate business decision, or intentional act. I'm certainly not, and I've not read anybody else suggesting it either.

You have been here longer than I, as a participating member of this forum, but I regularly read the posts here, long before I became a member, and while I have not bothered to check if it was before your time or not, you may or may not recall that there once was a problem, with tracking, and items not leaving China, due to a sordid matter of a love triangle involving a shipper, 2 Fasttech staff, and a backlog of parcels, for which fictitious tracking numbers, duplicates or possibly both ( I don't recall all the specifics) were being provided to customers, because the shipper was having a difficult time fitting his job into his busy schedule, and a now former staff member, ( Lydia perhaps?) was covering for him. One of the reasons I did not become a customer at that time. Soap opera stuff. So outlandish, it would have been rejected as a script on a sitcom. My point here, is shit happens.

Just because you are not currently affected by whatever affliction shipping is currently experiencing, does not mean that the complaints are baseless. Logic. It reminds me of the old joke of what to call a gun control advocate who has been mugged. An NRA member. I certainly am not confabulating what has been occurring with my orders, and while staff acknowledges the existence of my specific woes in another thread here, they are described as curious anomalies, even though in that same thread other members have posted that they are experiencing the same issue.

Denial, it would seem, is more than just a river in Africa. I believe that Fasttech's apparent acceptance of, and less than aggressive efforts in resolving these matters is the root cause of the OP's frustration. I certainly feel frustrated. If I spoke the language, I personally would be calling Liao Jieyan at 13316666791, demanding answers. Even though, strictly speaking, I am not his customer. Fasttech is. The lack of any meaningful result, and failure to exercise an obvious duty of care towards their customers by providing timely explanations from the people Fasttech pays, on our behalf, when combined with consistently dismissing, diminishing, and denying real problems, is bound to frustrate people. Whether the root cause is Fasttech's or not, isn't the relevant issue. Given the choice of demanding that a paid service provider, fulfill their obligations, or requesting that their own customers remain indefinitely patient, thereby providing the shipping agent with no incentive whatsoever to amend their practices, is also frustrating.