I had two similar orders held-up since 4/3 with no tracking updates whatsoever..

This morning, I received two emails from FT stating that the tracking numbers have been changed (Both are basically the same info):

Thank you for ordering at FastTech.

A new tracking number has been assigned to your order which was shipped from March 26th to April 1st: LY*****CN. To track your package, click here: https://support.fasttech.com/tracking/LY*****CN?carrier=

Our shipping carrier informed us that your package arrived at your country, but the tracking information isn't updated accordingly because of packages are backlogged in United States recently.

The tracking information may be updated within next 1 week. Hope you can receive it soon.

If you have questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail.

Thank you.

FastTech Team

After checking, it appears that both packages are indeed moving and tracking 'normally'..