[Notice]Increased delivery time of China Post: Canada
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#1 (permalink)      4/21/2022 2:20:03 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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NoticeIncreased delivery time of China Post: Canada
FastTech routinely monitors shipped packages on customers' behalf to ensure timely deliveries. We have become aware of the following issue:

Packages sent to Canada via China Post are taking significantly longer than usual.

This delay is not specific to FastTech. According to carriers, packages from all senders are affected. In addition, it appears that all shipping methods that shipped from China Mainland airlines are being affected.

Cause of the delay
It's due to the limited flights to the destination country and the backlog of mail at the airport.

Choosing expedited shipping services can minimize the risk of delays, especially if you have an urgent shipment to deliver to you. Expedited shipping (Expedited Service to Canada) is dispatched from Hong Kong airport and generally 1-2 weeks faster than China Post services.

We will continue working with our carriers, monitoring packages, and providing updates. If you have any questions, please get in touch by creating a service ticket. Our team is always at your disposal.

Thank you for your continued patronage.


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Hello Annie. I have some info about a fast shipping service, you may find useful. I have been using a service called “Canada Direct” (at the same price range as the other shipping fees) at another supplier. I selected Canada Direct in my last order I had with them. The tracking number was YT2217121272xxxxxx. It identified as Yun Express and only took 8 days for the parcel to arrive from Dongguan to my door in Toronto suburbs in Canada. I have been buying goods from China since 2012 and this service was the fastest I have ever had.I hope you find this information useful.
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Dear FrankieS, Thank you for the information. Yes, it's very useful.

I have forwarded the details to our logistics department. They will verify and contact the relevant shipping carrier as soon as possible to discuss the cooperation.
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Hello. You guys recommend to use (Expedited Shipping) but we shouldn't have to pay a fairly higher amount of shipping cost for something that isn't our fault. Also being 1-2 weeks faster is nothing at all to be impress... I've placed a 500$ order in MARCH 2022 for Canada and I still didn't my ******* order 4 months later and the tracking says it is expired so there is no way at all for me to know what's going on and my money is being on hold all that time and my inventory at my vape shop being backorder all that time. I kept saying "It should be here soon" to customers but definitely looks like it's never gonna reach me.

Order #D033122386
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LaVapeDuNord wrote:

Also being 1-2 weeks faster is nothing at all

Received an order via Expedited, to Toronto last week that took only 6 days.

I have made a hundred + orders since 2014 and never had one land in such a short time. Years ago when e-packets first began, 8 days was typical but its been several years since I have had a package in less than 3 weeks.

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@LaVapeDuNord, the free shipping we are using is China Post Service to most countries, and deliveries are getting slow for many countries include Canada. According to the confirmation from China Post, this is due to unavoidable circumstances like flight delays and cancellations. We share the disappointment as the delay is being happening quite a bit. That's why we recommend the expedited service, which is relatively faster than registered airmail by China Post.

Your two packages are severe delayed. We will send an inquiry to the post office to investigate it. Please rest assured that we will provide you with all the support you need to keep track of your order. If your order fails to be delivered eventually or are confirmed lost, we will always take responsibility to get it replaced or refunded according to our policies. We will keep you updated in the support ticket.

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