Thanks Annie.

The post office is claiming that it's an incorrect address and the item got RETURNED TO SENDER.

I've ordered to this address quite a bit and my order history will prove that. Nothing has changed and I double checked the address.

I don't think it's a FastTech issue, but it's looking like it will take an entire month now to receive my order because of this mistake.

I called up the USPS 1-800 number and it says to contact the sender. So here we are; I need FastTech to contact USPS and correct the issue.

Here's the message the 1-800 number gave:

I really wish FastTech would provide the USPS Tracking Number like they did only after my package was returned to sender. The 17track site they use can take up to 72 hours to update and this issue would've been caught the same day if I just had the USPS Tracking Number.