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SMOKTECH Prices Too High?
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#1 (permalink)      8/13/2013 3:12:42 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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SMOKTECH Prices Too High?
We have recently listed a few SMOK / SMOKTECH products which caused quite a few threads concerning their prices.

The prices may seem high (or not low enough) as a result of a combination of high costs and MAP. Since SMOKTECH only has limited distributors here, we'll have to remove this product should we choose not to comply with MAP policies.

We have listed SMOKTECH's products because many customers have written us to request them. If you think the price is too high, please just ignore SMOK products. When they are not well received by customers, we can either push SMOK for a lower price and/or a more relaxed MAP policy, or we can choose to avoid listing their products in the future.

I hope this answers some concerns.

PS. FastTech uses a formula to determine the pricing of products. Unless constrained by MAP policies, we do not attempt to charge more than what we need to.

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Thankyou for posting this Geek.
This will hopefully stop some people and make them think before posting i would also add that the MAP price also varies between region so USA ,UK ,Europe and HongKong MAP can all be different.
Thankyou again i will link this in to the beginners section.

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Comply with no one. If every vendor does that, they will have to scrap their MAP if they want to stay in business.
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I agree, it's all you can do for now.
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Fasttech can`t sell items at a loss, so people should be contacting Smoktech and other manufacturers directly about their dubious pricing structures & arrangements.

The minimum advised price for a Zmax for example, I believe is £82, if they think that`s appropriate they`re living in cloud cuckoo land.

This is NOT a Fasttech issue.
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Doesn't it still help people in the UK and Australia get the same "deals" Americans do? I can live with not buying my Smoktech stuff from here, though if it is competitively priced to what is charged here I will still buy it from Fasttech.
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I believe it does Karen,

A very quick UK search for the SID for example, the first 2 results came back at around £40 for the body only, the same price as the full SID kit on here ($61)
(that`s without finding discounts, or taking into consideration Postage costs)

so, if the body was available here without the extras for about £25 ($39) it would more than likely be a good deal in the UK at least.

Even with the extras, it`s still a good deal on here, coming to the UK if you consider the local prices ;)

[I got mine from China for £23 delivered ($36) as a "sale" item]
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Why wait? If you know it is overpriced you should push them for a lower price NOW by pointing out to them the amount of sales they will lose when FastTech customers avoid their product due to exorbitant pricing you are forced to put on it. It is bad for both business's when you are seen overpricing and have to stop carrying the brand because of it. If they want to sell their product on your website they will budge. If they don't budge get rid of them.

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#9 (permalink)      9/13/2013 8:12:08 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Maybe Smok sell at a high price to FT in order to maintain sales for their other customers?

Not everyone loves FT.
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Mawsley has it right. When Fasttech sells any product under MAP pricing it usually goes unnoticed until another distributor of said product cries to the manufacturer that he is losing sales to FT due to their not selling at MAP. These manufacturers set up distributors around the globe and it is them they are trying to protect by enforcing MAP, not the customer.

I'm big into flashlights as well as vaping and when Sunwayman made a big stink about FT selling for almost half of what other places sell the same lights, it was the distributors that complained and called attention to it. Unfortunately, being the new bosses on the playground, everyone is watching FT and rats them out right away while other sites I won't name are still selling the same lights under MAP but are flying under the radar.

One nice thing (of many IMO) about FT is that you can contact them via a ticket and request a special bulk price for an item that is MAP regulated. This even works if you want just one item for yourself. I've done it in the past and it allows FT to sell you those overpriced products at a fair price.
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Sounds like Smok and the people who make the Russian would be a match made in heaven. I'm still irked I missed the days of being able to get the Russian 91% for around the 60 dollars US mark. Then the manufacturer threatened to stop selling to the site that was offering that price and they had to go straight to the just sub 100 US mark. Correct me if I'm wrong but the maker gets paid when the retailer buys their inventory not at the point of sale to the end customer. On the one hand it's almost laudable that some makers try to protect their distribution network through the fine art of MSRP fixed pricing at the retail end. However as I am a retail customer not a retailer it would seem to me that if vendor x is a less than normally greedy then the other retailers should be encouraged to rethink their profit margins. Now I am not saying I want Wally world to end up the only retailer left on the planet so how about splitting the difference. In the case of the Russian as an example split the difference and insist it sells at around the 75 dollar mark and voila your approved vendors get to dip their beaks a bit deeper and the end user gets flowers and a kiss on the cheek before being bent over the nearest available horizontal surface ... just sayin'.