Question on upcoming may 12 fda ban
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The hospital mistakenly believed your father to be beyond recovery. I meant, while you still could as in, while he was alive.
Obviously its a good thing you did not take their advice.

On the other hand, when my mother was dying, the last week of her life I stayed with her in the hospital 24/7.
I was not allowed to give her any of her morphine nor would they give her anything to sleep. They said even one pill could hasten her body shutting down.

The night before she died the next morning, I had been told she would live another week but I believed she was near the end, So I pulled aside a compassionate nurse and asked her to confirm if I were right. I had family to gather and didn't want to call them earlier than needed due to travel.

She looked at me or a minute. I knew she was gauging whether I could handle the truth, decided I could and said, this will likely be her last night.
She then gave me a pill to give to her myself and that was the last time she was awake.
She passed about 10 hours later.
I believe she gave me that pill to to give to her knowing it would hasten her organs shutting down rather than lingering.

But in her case she was never going to survive so if that is what she did, I felt it was done out of compassion.
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Yeah it absolutely was and good thing you had a compassionate nurse at the end of the day they need to see what the patient wants. I know they technically do with the advanced directive. But at a certain point things might change.. I laid there in bed with my father till he passed. I have a crazy story about that but it's for a later time..

@vapor today it lands. Super excited will let you know
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+1 details

Just read about this now and I think it's important...

If you live in the USA, this coming Thursday 2/27/2020 the House is going to vote on a Federal flavor ban and taxation of vapor products.

Might be a good idea to use the following link to contact your congressmen. It's a really simple process. Take you like 2-5 minutes max.

CASAA's email to me says:

This legislation is being supported by an army of Bloomberg-funded anti-harm reduction groups to the tune of $160,000,000.

At the same time, it is likely that a tax bill, HR 4742, which is attempting to enact tax parity between vapor products and combustible cigarettes, will also be taken up by the full House.

So it sounds like this Federal Flavor Ban bill has federal vapor tax baggage built into it. If someone votes for the flavor ban then they automatically vote for a federal vapor tax.

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